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This spot encompasses the many faces of the city, so it’s the perfect place to get a truly authentic Ahmedabadi experience. During early mornings it’s a feeding ground for cows, after 9 AM it becomes a car park, come afternoon and it takes on the role of a mar...Expand
Manek Chowk is a prominent city square in Old Ahmedabad, India. It is surrounded by historical structures. It is a vegetable market in the morning, a bullion market in the noon and the street food market at night. Read full review
This busy space and surrounding narrow streets are the commercial heart of the old city. Weave your way through the crowds to soak up the atmosphere and browse the vegetable and sweet stalls and silver and textile shops. Read full review
It becomes a car park at night where bars of gold are actually sold in the open come afternoon, and in the evening, it’s an open-air street food hub. Read full review