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This architectural marvel, made up of arched gateways, is one of the longest and oldest gateways in Ahmedabad. Teen Darwaza, as it is called, was established in 141 A.D. by Sultan Ahmed Shah, and lies adjacent to Bhadra fort. Showcasing beautifully intricate c...Expand
The gateway has three arches which led into a large enclosure, forming the outer courtyard of the palace called Maidan Shah in past, with a fountain and raised terrace in the centre. Read full review
To the east of Bhadra Fort stands the Teen Darwaja, which was the gateway into the Royal Square, or Maidan Shahi, where royal processions and polo games took place.Read full review
An architectural marvel with its gorgeous arched gates, Teen Darwaza is one of the longest as well as the oldest gateways of the Ahmedabad city. Read full review

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