The daredevil
Once an adventurer, always an adventurer. This is true in case of Chintan Gambhir. A passionate biker, Chintan has developed a passion for track racing. He recently completed a 3.5 km race in Chennai in January this year. So what is so unusual, you may ask? Chintan has undergone a kidney transplant at the age of 16. He says, "I am passionate about biking. But I am also careful about my health. Before participating in track racing, I took my doctor's advice. They asked me to take some precautions and I fully adhered by them." In 2012, Chintan went on a solo bike trip to Leh, covering 6,500 kms in 22 days. He says, "I preferred to travel alone because those who wanted to come with me would have fussed about my health. While I know my health constraints, I don't want it to define me. The trip was one of the best adventures of my life. I even got lost in a dense jungle once and rode on the roads of Manali that were so narrow that there was just enough space to accommodate a bike. While one side was mountain, the other side had deep valley." For Chintan, it was a journey to remember.
Into the woods
Study session at night with friends is always fun. But what happens when, after hours of cramming up the lessons, you decide to go out in search of sustenance and find yourself lost in the woods behind your dorm? Abhishek says, "It happened to us. All of us were hungry and the market is around 8 km away from the campus. We managed to reach the market alright, but while returning, we got lost in the woods behind the campus." It took the three of them four hours to reach the campus. Rahul says, "There was dense fog and we were afraid there would be snakes or other small rodents. But we soldiered on till one of us realised that we were walking in circles. Luckily, we found a man in the woods who pointed us to the right direction."
Star catcher
Students of MICA are not just brilliant communicators, but some of them have an artistic bent and a taste for adventure. Abhishek, a PGDM communication student is one of them. The 26-year-old applied his knowledge of physics to take the perfect picture of stars in the night sky and then set out on an adventure to get some stunning photos of the milky way. Abhishek says, "I wanted to take the perfect pictures of the stars and their movements at midnight to avoid any form of natural or artificial light. So, once I had perfected the method, I went to a small village called Jagat Manjha. I mounted my DSLR on the tripod, facing the north direction with pole star in one corner. I start taking pictures to capture the small displacement of the stars. I took around 50-70 pictures with 30 seconds exposure. By superimposing these images, a star trail can be seen." It took him more than 4 hours to get the perfect picture as he hunted for the perfect vantage in torch light. He says, "The village is really remote and I had chosen a remote spot. I could hear the animals rustling in the nearby bushes. It was exciting and thrilling. And the best thing was the pictures I got were stunning."
Conquering fear
The phrase 'darr ke aage jeet hai' suits Dharmik perfectly. Not particularly an adventure enthusiast, Dharmik had a phobia of heights. He was so scared that he wouldn't dare to look down when he was on top of a building. But all that changed a year ago. He says, "I was looking at a picture of skydiving and had this urge to try it. I was not ignorant of my fears but something goaded me to give it a try. I was in Michigan in the US at the time. So, I went for the training session where they explained how the dive will be executed. At the end of the sessions as we boarded the plane, my fears had returned. I started imagining all sorts of scenarios like what if my parachute did not open?" But once committed to a task, Dharmik believes in completing it. He says, "Once we were at 15,000 feet, the instructor opened the plane door and asked me to step on the stand and then he pushed me! He didn't give me a chance to tell him that I didn't want to do the jump despite having spent $450. But I am thankful he did what he did. I was scared but survival instincts and training kicked in. It was truly an experience of a lifetime.

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