Reiki with Barin Mehta In Ahmedabad

What you see - Barin Mehta’s home in Thaltej, Ahmedabad is a tranquil abode. It is neither a precise adaptation of anyashram nor is it a sanctum for the yogis. It’s peaceful nevertheless, perhaps reflecting the disposition of Barin Mehta, a Reiki healer and teacher. 

Barin Mehta, AhmedabadWhat you get - “Reiki in itself is wisdom and has a value of compassion. It is a form of universal energy that passes from the healer to the person receiving the cure,” says Mehta who had become a master of this therapy in the late 90s. Since then he has passed on his knowledge to hundreds of students. 

From him, you can learn all three stages of Reiki. The first level is Reiki-I where a person gets trained in touch healing. It all starts with filling up a form that describes basic information about the student and the real purpose of learning Reiki. The student is then told to avoid sweet delicacies and alcoholic drinks three days prior to the beginning of the training. Apart from an extensive introduction to the basics and the rich history of Reiki, the training (2 days) includes self awareness, attunement of the body, White light meditation etc. After two days of training the student is told to practise for 72 minutes each day for 21 days. The student may do this at home and requisite follow-ups are entertained. The fee for Reiki-I may vary from Rs. 1,000- Rs. 1,250. 

Reiki-II is the second level where the person becomes apt in distance healing. It is only after completing the first level and achieving some experience in touch healing that the person goes for the second level. Before starting the training, Mehta understands the expertise and healing experience of the student. Then for two days, there is in-depth teaching of distance healing procedure, stress release, Golden ball meditation method etc. The student then undergoes 21 days of practise - this time 36 minutes a day in distance healing. Once the student gets adequate knowledge and practise, he/she becomes well-versed in the distance healing procedure where a cure can be given without physical contact. 

Reiki IIIA is an amplified version of the second level wherein the healing power increases many folds. This requires a lot of practise after which one can move to Reiki IIIB for qualification as a master for the 1st and 2nd levels. The fee for the former level ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000 whereas the latter may cost around Rs. 30,000.

Barin Mehta has travelled a lot to learn and share this healing energy. He has also been specially invited to Australia to deliver lectures on the subject. 

Our verdict - There’s an air of dedication and spirituality here. Barin Mehta may be humble about his knowledge and achievements but his way of teaching and healing has many takers. The fee is reasonable if not less compared to the market rates. 

Parking space is limited.

By Manu Nair

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